Our system make the chance to the customer to express their problem by their own words, and the sysem switch automatically them to the suitable point of our customer service. This cause that the client does not have to wander in the traditionally huge menu tree.

By analyzing the transcriptions we could get information of what the people talked about, or what our agents told our clients. If we would know that all conversation contain a fix topic or word, as a question or as an answer, we could aim at this and find the right solution, or develop a product or a service. If all the customers are „by the way” interested in the e.g. mortgage, but the agent has no chance to settle it in a traditional system, (because we have no „other” database cell, or the agent simply miss it). CLEMVOICE could  make a reaction for this topic.

By developing the agents' performance we can grow our efficiency and efficiency enhancing action cause immediately cost saving. Complex customer service lines have a great problem: how to give out the huge quantity informations to the agents, e.g. help, knowledge database, proclamations, announcements, etc. Evaluation of CLEMVOICE QA results and daily login tests or special curriculums based on to the topics and problems occuring in call-center converrsations can lead to continuous improvement. Comparing of successfull and unsuccessfull interviews can guide the telesales workflow.

By analyzing voice records we can make conclusions for the behaviour of our clients. If we know them better we could sell more, and easier bring on new services, products. Complex database-analyzis, business analyzis can be combined with churn and sales forecasts. The attitude of the clients, the „quality” of the spoken words, the neatness can be observed, even periodically, which can determine our communication and marketing messages. We could be able to project churn terms, sales possibilities, that can be set against actualities, trending stories gives us such results that could be bear on our company. 

QA faces in general quantity and quality problems: it is not able to supervise enough, and the resources that are used to supervise are not efficient, because it is not used correctly.  CLEMVOICE gives a solution for this: instead of human work, the system monitors all phone conversations and email documents, and do it in the most efficient way, because it only reports that is surely problematic, and you have to check only these ones. 

Some functions: focused and detailed supervising of the staff; comparison of successful and unsuccessul conversations in the sight of emotion, attitude, and vocabulary; ananlysis of non-word events; filtering out unnecessary switchovers.